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Synchrony is a global leader in the development of Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) technology. Synchrony designs and manufactures products that greatly improve the performance, reliability, and environmental friendliness of high-speed rotating machinery.


Synchrony’s proprietary technologies for magnetic bearings, high-speed motors, and high-speed generators reduce energy losses, eliminate oil lubrication and mechanical wear, and improve the reliability of high-speed rotating machinery.

Synchrony Magnetic Bearings Headquarters USA | Roanoke Virginia


History of Innovation

From its start as an entrepreneurial engineering firm working on Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants and Department of Defense projects with companies such as Liberty Works, Synchrony has been at the forefront of AMB innovation. That spirit remains part of the Synchrony way. Whether through next generation control algorithms that improve stability, fault-tolerant architecture that improves reliability, or R&D 100 award-winning compact designs, Synchrony continues push the limits of AMB technology.

And after more than 25 years, Synchrony continues to innovate. The focus now is on turning data into information. As a business unit of Siemens, Synchrony products fit in seamlessly with Siemens' global impetus for digitalization. Synchrony AMB can track data on machine conditions, and worldwide connectivity allows for that information to be monitored and used by our clients.

Synchrony is headquartered in Roanoke County, Virginia where their products are shipped around the globe from an ISO-9001-certified manufacturing facility (Quality certificate). We still strive to meet our clients' needs by providing products that improve efficiency, minimize environmental impact, increase uptime, all while lowering the total cost of ownership.

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