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High performance magnetic bearings, and high speed motors and generators for gas turbine engines are two Synchrony® solutions that meet the toughest aerospace and defense industry challenges - reliable performance under extreme temperatures and transient loads. Synchrony’s technologies support the industry’s “More Electric” initiative in which electrical systems replace hydraulic systems in engines and vehicles.

Magnetic bearings for military applications are used to improve the performance of power and propulsion systems in airborne, naval, and ground-based systems. For airborne systems, the magnetic bearings improve the engine performance by reducing bearing cooling requirements and eliminating the oil lubrication system. Integral starter-generators, operating at high temperature and high rotational speed, are designed to meet the high electrical demand of new airborne weapon systems and to supply additional electrical power to passenger cabins in civil aircraft. Both defense and civil aircraft benefit from electrical systems replacing hydraulic systems for actuation.

By integrating Synchrony’s high-speed generators with small gas turbine engines, the result is a compact, light-weight power system. These power systems are used in applications requiring mobility, high reliability, and low maintenance, such as portable power systems, aircraft ground-power units, APUs, and naval propulsion and power systems.

To increase the reliability of critical systems, Synchrony has developed fault-tolerant magnetic bearings, which incorporate redundant channels of sensing, processing, and amplification. Synchrony has led the industry in the development of fault-tolerant magnetic bearings that operate at high rotational speeds and high temperature.

Synchrony had the first Magnetic Bearing system to withstand the MIL-STD 901D Shock Test

Dresser-Rand Advanced Steam Turbine Model with Synchrony Active Magnetic Bearings - Shock Test to MIL-STD 901D, 30+g's from underwater explosion.

MIL-STD 901D Shock test - See the video of the first AMB system to withstand 30+ g shock test!


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