High-Speed, Permanent Magnet Motors and Compressors for HVAC

Help Reduce Energy Consumption

HVAC chillers typically consume very high amounts of energy. However, by replacing fluid film bearings, gears and low-speed induction motors with high-speed motors that feature magnetic bearings, energy can be conserved and efficiency can be improved at both full and partial loading capacities.

Chillers that use magnetic bearing technology are up to 40 percent more energy efficient than conventional centrifugal chillers. This equates into millions of dollars in savings over the useful life of a machine. Maintenance expenditures are also lower in chillers that use magnetic bearings because they do not require positive pressure lubrication systems. The absense of lubrication also eliminates performance degradation caused by non-condensables and/or oil contamination of refrigerants.

Synchrony high-speed motors provide compression in large chillers. Equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs) and oil-less drive trains, these units translate into better value for the end user and a greener environment. The reduction in electrical power also lowers the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the chiller. Synchrony AMBs have been utilized with R134a, R245fa, and R1233zd refrigerants.

Watch a high-speed motor reach 20,000 rpm while balancing a nickel

Synchrony Magnetic Bearings - Anti-Vibration Video. NovaDrive® High-speed electric motor with Synchrony Magnetic Bearings.


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