Magnetic Bearing Systems For The Oil & Gas Industry

Reduced Process Downtime, Longer Machine Life, and Improved Efficiency


Synchrony active magnetic bearings can be used on compressors, turboexpanders, motors, and pumps in nearly every phase of oil and gas production. From extraction and refinement, to transport and storage, AMBs are ideal for operation in highly demanding environments where reliability and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. Because they don’t require the use of any external monitoring hardware, they also can be used in applications where availability of space is an issue, including refinement, offshore drilling, and/or subsurface operations. For mission-critical machines, Synchrony AMB’s optional fault-tolerant controlling system uses redundant channels of sensing, processing, and amplification, which help improve reliability and protect the machine in the event that AMBs aren’t operating properly.

Synchrony magnetic bearing solutions are up to the challenge for these critical applications, which demand stability and reliability under extreme conditions. Our magnetic bearings can help you meet virtually any challenge while reducing your maintenance needs and energy costs.

You'll see dramatic increases in uptime, even in remote field locations where machine maintenance is difficult. And, Synchrony oil-free magnetic bearings reduce the environmental impact caused by lubricants.


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