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Turbo blowers can make a significant improvement in your Wastewater plant.


Wastewater Plants Use a Lot of Energy!

A recent study revealed that nearly half of the total energy consumed in a wastewater treatment plant is represented by the operation of blowers during the aeration process. Using a Synchrony high-speed motor, centrifugal blowers (or turbo blowers) are capable of reducing energy usage during aeration by as much as 40 percent. In addition, turbo blowers require less space, less maintenance, and operate much quieter than conventional units.

Synchrony magnetic bearings are also less susceptible to dirt and contamination, and through improved health monitoring electronics, operating personnel are able to closely monitor the performance of rotating machinery, resulting in better process optimization.

Larger turbo blowers operate best on magnetic bearings due to the higher weights of the rotors and the higher transient load potential given the amount of air in the system.

In addition, the oil-free operation allows the process to operate free of exposure to that kind of contamination.

For all these reasons, turbo blowers on magnetic bearings should be in your wastewater plant!

  1. A UN study shows energy consumption was approximately 1200kWh/mg
    for a typical 10 mgd plant.
  2. Aeration consumes approximately 47% of that energy!
  3. Turbo blowers save 35-40% over conventional blowers.
  4. Turbo blowers require less space, less maintenance, and operate quieter than conventional blowers.
  5. Larger turbo blowers operate better on magnetic bearings.
  6. Magnetic bearings are less susceptible to dirt and contamination.
  7. Magnetic bearings provide feedback for your process by monitoring bearing performance and transmitted forces.
  8. Turbo blowers with magnetic bearings are an excellent choice for your Wastewater Plant.

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