Getting Information From the AMB System

Spotting Trouble Before It Starts

Health or Condition Monitoring.
The ability to monitor, identify and analyze the status of important conditions such as anomalous temperature and vibration in rotating machines. This information can be used to set alarms and schedule maintenance. Much of this information can be obtained through the magnetic bearing user interface without the need of additional bearing monitoring systems.

Synchrony has dedicated many years of research and development into creating and supplying its proprietary machine health monitoring software and condition monitoring. Much of the ability to miniaturize and simplify physical attributes of magnetic bearing systems is due to Synchrony's technological breakthroughs in controls software.

Magnetic bearings in industrial applications offer greater reliability than ever because of remote bearing monitoring capabilities that let users recognize and head off potential trouble before it even starts. That helps set Synchrony® products apart from earlier generations of magnetic bearings. Superior bearing vibration monitoring allows continuous system performance feedback to help you get the most from magnetic bearings capabilities, while keeping costs down.

Health monitoring of magnetic bearings previously required large, expensive hardware. Synchrony builds sensors right into radial and thrust bearings, and each "smart" bearing comes with its own IP address, so information can be fed into an HMI that’s easy to use and configurable to each operator’s needs. Regardless of your location.

Bearing Monitoring Capabilities:
  • Monitor trends and changes in operating conditions
  • Predict and schedule pre-emptive maintenance shutdowns
  • Maximize uptime and minimize component damage
  • Ensure maximum efficiency
Machine Monitoring Parameters Include:
  • Radial and axial forces
  • Eccentricity value
  • Peak to peak eccentricity
  • Radial expansion
  • Individual coil temperatures
  • Integrated power electronics temperatures
  • Individual coil current
  • Pair coil voltage
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Machine operating state (activity status, direction, etc.)


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